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New bites in the month of April.

Posted on Mar. 30, 2017
By Editor

The Summerhouse

Bringing customers away from the city bustle and into a picturesque, historical venue is The Summerhouse, a new multi-concept F&B and lifestyle destination set in Seletar Airport. Surrounded by rolling landscapes, heritage architecture and idyllic greenery, The Summerhouse Dining Room and Balcony Bar sits on the upper storey of a two-level conservation bungalow that was formerly home to the Royal Air Force's Tech Wing Commander. On the ground floor, Wildseed, a cafe patisserie and bar invites diners enjoy an afternoon brew or tipple while taking in the countryside lull. Providing diners a true countryside escape are nature-inspired cuisine that focus on fresh seasonal produce, crafted by simple, yet refined techniques, to create refreshing flavours. Advocating a farm-to-table approach to dining, brought about in close collaboration with farmers and producers in Singapore and Malaysia including a Singapore kelong, the restaurant also maintains an in-house edible garden, bringing freshness and provenance to every meal. Helmed by Chef de Cuisine Florian Ridder, dishes are an enticing mix of simplicity and elegance, with a dash of intrigue, as seen in the Panzanella, an eggplant 'caviar' served in tomato broth, or a comforting bowl of Buckwheat porridge sprinkled with sunflower and pumpkin seeds and dressed with herbs from the edible garden. 

3 Park Lane. Tel: 65/6262-1063

Don Meijin

Spicy Chili Crab Tendon

Inspired by the local Chilli Crab favourite, Don Meijin has introduced the Spicy Chilli Crab Tendon (S$14.80) that is ready to give diners here even more options to their favourite crustacean dish. The newest addition to the Ramen Champion portfolio, Don Meijin features an affordable selection of tendon, along with donburi, katsudon and butadon, made with distinctive flavours and premium ingredients. Using homemade sauces, Don Meijin’s signature rice bowls come served with a bed of short grain Japanese rice, imported from Hokkaido, and cooked al dente to give it just the right bite with each mouthful. Served with fried prawns and seasonal fish fillet, along with asparagus, pumpkin, eggplant and kakiage, the rice is then topped with homemade spicy chilli crab sauce, giving the rice bowl a flavourful kick. Made from freshly boiled chicken broth and fresh pieces of snow crab, along with dashes of Japanese soy sauce and mirin for a distinctly Japanese flavour, the sauce takes over four hours to prepare. The restaurant also features five other tendon dishes, such as the Signature Tendon (S$13.80), enjoyed with crisp tempura and rice crisp with hot dashi soup (with a S$2 top-up), and the Kakiage Tendon served with four kinds of vegetables and two types of seafood, among others.

#04-10, Ramen Champion Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street. Tel: 65/6238-1011

VLV Singapore

Signatures Lunch Set

Serving up new lunch sets steeped in Cantonese flavours crafted by Head Chef Martin Foo is VLV Singapore. With three new sets to choose from, diners can enjoy the best of Cantonese cuisine at an affordable price. For a lighter fare, the 'Creations' Lunch Set (S$48++ per person, with a minimum of 2 persons), starts with a trilogy of signature dim sum dishes, namely a luscious Prawn Dumpling 'Ha Gao', Fish and Mushroom dumpling and VLV's specialty Singapore Chilli Crab Bun. A lightly savoury Chrysanthemum Tofu Soup, with Matsutake mushrooms and bamboo fungus helps cleanse the palate, before a Baked Chilean Seabass with Black Olive & White Wine Butter Sauce is served. For a group of four, enjoy the 'Tasting' Lunch Set (S$98++, maximum of 2 sets per group), which comes with duo of dim sum, Nutritious Herbal Soup with prawns, Sweet & Sour Chillean Seabass, and Crispy Roasted Chicken. Last but not least is the 'Signatures' Lunch Set (S$138++ for 4, maximum 2 sets per group), which features Chef Martin's signature creations, such as an Aburi Kagoshima Kurobuta Roll, Crab Meat Spinach Soup, succulent Claypot Prawns with ginger, scallion and dried Chilli, a hearty Roasted Crispy Duck and tasty Kimchi Seafood Fried Rice. Wrap up each meal with desserts of Roselle Flower Osmanthus Jelly or an Almond Cream with Egg White & Black Sesame Dumplings.

#01-02, Clarke Quay, 3A River Valley Road. Tel: 65/6661-0197. 

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