Japanese Green Tea Masterclass

Posted on Feb. 23, 2017
By Editor

On 31st October, a group of F&B industry professionals gathered at Ippin Café Bar for an in-depth Japanese Green Tea Masterclass conducted by Mr Nobu Mori – the CEO of Marumo Mori Shoten. Boasting impressive credentials – Mr Mori is the only tea appraiser in Shizuoka Prefecture, and he has one of the highest degree of tea examiner qualification - Mr Mori shared a wealth of knowledge about the various types of green teas to the participants. The day got off to a good start with Mr Mori introducing the basics of tea, such as what is tea, where is tea from, and the various types of tea. Therafter, he proceeded to explain the unique process of making green tea,  and how it should be brewed. Some of the participants shared that it was an extremely insightful session, as they learned a lot from Mr Mori, such as how the temperature of hot water will change the flavour of green tea, and why “soft water” is most suitable for brewing Japanese green tea. 

During the session, Mr Mori also brewed different kinds of green tea for the participants to try including Sencha (green tea), roasted green tea (houjicha), Gyokuro (premium quality green tea), genmaicha (green tea with roasted brown rice), and more. Participants not only got to taste the different brews, but they also had the opportunity of touching and sniffing the tea leaves, as well as brew their own green teas, which helped them to better understand each tea and their characteristics. 

After the masterclass concluded in the evening, most of the participants stayed on to mingle and chat, and many of them shared that it was a very interactive and insightful session, which allowed them to understand a lot more about Japanese green tea. 

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