Indian Spice, Raisins & Cashew Nuts Rustic Bread

Get away from the usual factory-made white bread, and try out this artisanal Indian bread recipe - filled with spices and nuts, it makes for a nutritious breakfast or tea-time snack.

Posted on May. 5, 2017
By Editor

Prep 4 hrs • Bake 30 mins • Makes 5


  • Preferment
  • 120g flour
  • 120g water
  • a pinch of yeast
  • Final dough
  • 480g flour
  • 12g salt
  • 288ml water
  • 3g yeast
  • 10g cumin powder
  • 10g coriander powder
  • 14g garam masala
  • 8g turmeric powder
  • saffron, as needed
  • 100g cashew nuts, toasted and halved
  • 120g raisins


Step 1

Prepare the preferment. Combine 120g flour, 120g water and a pinch of yeast in a bowl and mix well. Let it stand for 12-16 hrs.

Step 2

Prepare the final dough. Infuse saffron into 288g water and let it steep in the water for 12hrs.

Step 3

After fermenting for 12-16 hrs, mix all the dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Once mixed, add in the preferment on speed 1 and gradually add in the infused water till it forms a dough.

Step 4

Add in the cashew nuts and raisins.

Step 5

Mix till window pane forms, or till the dough can be stretched real good that it is almost translucent, and you can see light pass through it.

Step 6

Once formed into a dough, let it bulk ferment for 2 hrs and degas after an hr.

Step 7

Once the dough has passed the 2 hr mark, and degas has been performed, scale to 250g, preshape and bench rest for 10 mins to relax the gluten again.

Step 8

Final shape the dough by pressing it half on half, and roll it into an oblong shape and final proof it for 1 hr and 15 mins.

Step 9

Finish it off on the make up stage by cutting through with a metal scraper in the middle of the dough, then pull it into a square shape.

Step 10

For this bake, I preheated the oven to the highest setting for a domestic oven – about 250C, and used a cast iron pan to mimic the oven spring as cast iron can retain heat. Once loaded in, throw a couple of ice cubes in the oven to create steam for a crustier crust.

Step 11

Bake for about 20 mins.


To retain the crusty exterior, keep the bread in the oven even after the oven is switched off and the temperature drops, as this will help keep the crust dry.

Recipe Norhalis Md. Som | photographs Md. Shafik Md. Som

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