Fat Lulus Asian Bbq & Desserts

Posted on Feb. 17, 2017
By Editor

Fat Lulus Asian Bbq & Desserts 
A coming together of two very different personalities, the restaurant is helmed by chef Sam Chablani and Pang Ji Shuang (also known as Song). The former is the most boisterous of the pair and is known for coating most of his grilled dishes with an ebony crisp outer. His previous stints cooking Spanish and Indonesian cuisine show through in his coupling of charred, smoky dishes with a side of salsa or a marinade of sweet kicap manis. As with all good barbies, it’s the meat that takes centre-stage. Wagyu beef cooked in Thai fish sauce and sambal ibérico pork on the Duh Meat Board (S$28) isn’t the typical protein-focused platter. An unexpected favourite is the side of burnt kailan with garlic crisps that reminds us of kale chips.

The more soft-spoken Pang leaves the savoury food to Chablani but is the master with sweet treats. His rendition of an Apple Tarte Tartin (S$14) is a nod to the charred-focused savoury menu; it is topped with burnt vanilla ice cream, which he discovered by mistake. Most dishes give Song a chance to showcase techniques learnt through years of apprenticeship, such as the painstakingly made Atas Kinder Bueno (S$14) – a chocolate bar containing baileys, hazelnut, vanilla white chocolate and caramel.  

Fat Lulus Pancakes and Friends

Fat Lulus Childhood

Fat Lulus Berries and White Chocolate

Fat Lulus Berries and White Chocolate

Fat Lulus Duh Meat Board

297 River Valley Road. Tel: 65/9236-5002. 



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