Dry aged wonder 

Posted on Feb. 23, 2017
By Editor

With dry aged beef becoming more popular among more discerning diners in Singapore, Huber’s Butchery now not only offers off-the-shelf dry aged beef that have been aged in the country of origin, but also customised dry ageing services to customers with its in-house dry ageing cabinet. The dry ageing process allows for primal cuts of beef to achieve greater flavour and become tenderer, by storing it at a chilled temperature, with controlled airflow and humidity, over between 21 and 120 days. The process does, however, promote the growth of mould over the exterior of the cut, and requires proper trimming by a trained butcher, before it can be consumed. At Huber’s, the process includes the use of UV lights to further eliminate unwanted bacteria. Simply choose a cut from the selection of beef at the counters and request to have it aged for up to 90 days on the premise, and you could be enjoying your very own premium dry aged beef in no time.

Around S$50 (excluding cost of meat). Available at Huber’s Butchery, 22 Dempsey Road. 

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