Cookie Crust Dough

A layer of sweet cookie crust on soft fluffy bread adds an interesting contrast of textures. This cookie crust is also referred to as melon pan in Japan. It can be used to create fun designs for character breads.

Posted on Jul. 21, 2017
By Editor

Prep 20 mins • Rest 1 hr


  • 70g unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 50g castor sugar + more for dusting
  • 3-5 drops vanilla essence
  • 1-2 drops lemon essence (optional)
  • a little food colouring (optional) 
  • 2 tsp milk 
  • 100g cake flour, sifted


Step 1

Place butter and sugar in a mixing bowl. Mix well with a spatula.

Step 2

Add essences, food colouring, if using, and milk. Mix well.

Step 3

Add cake flour in 2-3 parts. Mix well after each addition.

Step 4

Add until cookie dough comes together. Cover with cling wrap and chill for 30-45 mins.

Step 5

Roll cookie dough out evenly between 2 sheets of cling wrap.

Step 6

Cut out shapes as required. Cover with cling wrap and chill for 30-45 mins before using.

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